Cincinnati Students To Mysore:    June 4 – June18, 2020

  • Welcome and departure receptions for all students and families

  • Best value for a cultural,educational and service learning exchange experience

  • Students depart to Mysore from the Cincinnati/NKY airport

  • Student group activities will include: service project, school tours, &  visits to Museums, Game Sanctuary, Palaces, Industry and Historical sites.

  • Cost to each student is $2,900 

  • All accepted students will receive notification by December 20, 2019.

                            2020 APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 12/8/2019 - Apply Now! 

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                    Power Point Youth Ambassador Program to Mysore, India



                  Tentative   Agenda  Youth Ambassador Program, Mysore, India


                   Parent Guide, Mysore, India

Visit the Cincinnati Sister City Page on the Youth Ambassador program



High school students in Mysore

 India-Mysore Sister City Association  launched their first student exchange program with Mysore in 2014. The program was created in conjunction with Kautaliya Vidalaya a leading k-12 private school in Mysore .Students are exposed to India ‘s rich culture, history and immense diversity of its peoples. In Mysore, students learn about Mysore’s influence in India and the world through its literature, art, theater. Students learn and explore in a safe environment. They are accompanied by chaperones. They stay  together and spent time with host families and students their age. Please look at the tentative agenda and view pictures and information on the power point slide posted above. 



     View Photos of High school and University students