Director: Ananya Kasarvalli / India / 2015 / 106 mins / Kannada

SYNOPSIS “Harikatha Prasanga” narrates the story of a Yakshagana artist Hari who has gained extreme popularity portraying female roles. Life of Hari unfolds through different perspectives captured in three episodes across four audio-visual interviews conducted by filmmakers Sharmila and Sundar.

Direction Ananya Kasarvalli
Production Basant Patil
Screenplay Ananya Kasarvalli, Girish Kasarvalli, Gopalakrishna Pai
Cinematography Udit Khurana
Editing Mohan Kamakshi
Cast Shrunga Vasudevan, K G Krishnamurthy

DIRECTOR’S BIO Ananya kasaravalli, Has a masters degree in film making from L.V.Prasad Film and TV academy, Chennai. Born into a family of film makers, her interest in film making comes naturally to her. She has had a successful career in acting – films, tv and theater before joining as a student at Prasad academy. As a young director ananya has won many awards for her short films “wasiyat nama”, and documentary on transfeminity – “beyond binary” and “ Kappu kallina shaitan”.

‘Harikatha Prasanga’ is her first feature film.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT “Chronicles of Hari” tells the story of an actor renowned for performing female roles. Told through four interviews, the film touches on his strained relationship with his brother, a failed marriage, artistic struggles and his final decision to adopt a woman’s persona completely.