Short, Human Interest/woman/
Runtime: 15:00


Rani is sitting on the bed decorated with roses. Its her first night after marriage, she is excited and happy. Rakesh enters the room and sits besides Rani. He puts his hand on her waist. She comes close and they start their night with a beautiful and passionate kiss. From being passionate kiss turns being vulgar and violent. Rani hurts his ego. This is when Rakesh turns all violent and dangerous. She is all shattered; Then she sits besides the window and hears music coming from a distance, its then she remembers her flute, which is her way of escape. In the morning Rakesh informs her about Mausi coming at home. Mausi and her daughter Samu come and meet Rani to explain the ritual that is followed in the village. A girl has to live during her menstrual cycle in a secluded home away from village. After few days Rani leaves for the secluded home. When she comes back she faces the same torture by her husband. Rape does not end and day-by-day Rani starts getting into the state of numbness. One day she is a part of the tree pooja and is playing Bansuri. Rakesh notices her and feels extremely jealous. When Rani comes back home she is expecting Rakesh will do something with her today, which is even worse. But then he does nothing and sleeps. When Rani wakes up in the morning she finds her flute broken on the floor. She is all devastated. The only thing, which makes her happy, is taken from her. Now she plans and plots and makes her way of escape.

Director:  Manvi Duggal, a young filmmaker from Delhi has completed her higher education from The Heritage School, Rohini. She had her interest in subjects like Sociology, History, and Political Science. At very tender age she started dreaming of becoming a storyteller and to nourish her inner abilities and caliber she started her professional training in the same from Whistling Woods International. There she completed her Specialization in the field of Direction. At present she is working with Mr. Amole Gupte (Children’s Filmmaker) with feathers like Tare Zameen Par, Stanely Ka Dabba, Sniff and many more projects under his cap. Simultaneously she is planning to deliver some qualitative cinema to the industry. Her vision in the field of filmmaking is impeccable and the content driven cinema moves her. She wants to uphold the integrity of Indian cinema and bring out a change in the minds of the viewers.


  • Rajasthan Internation Film Festival,Jaipur,India, January 22, 2018
    Rajasthan International Film Festival, Best student Director and Best Short Film

  • Indian World Film Festival,Hyderabad,India, March 18, 2018, Best Student Film

  • Move Me Productions Belgium, March 19, 2018, Nominee

  • Cinemi Cinema International Short Film Festival, Italy, March 23, 2018,Official Selection

  • Pune Short Film Festival,Pune,India,June 17, 2018,Official Selection

  • Whatashort Independent International Film Festival,Delhi,India,July 31, 2018, Best Student Short Film

  • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival,Calcutta,India,April 6, 2018,Best Student Film Award

  • Chain NYC Film Festival,New York,United States,August 10, 2018, American Premiere.Official Selection

  • Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, September 5, 2018,Official Selection