Short, Human Interest
Runtime: 10:00


Madhavan woke up suddenly into his broken glasses this morning: The glasses which shown him hues, flowers and his Radha. Broken glasses: light, no light, vivid things and his frozen fear of darkness. As his room plunged into darkness in horror, he started walking in disgraceful perplexities. Colliding with innumerable objects in the room he went back desperately to his own bed. Noises of thing once familiar creaked in alarming frequencies. A breeze!!! here comes Radha his wife, blind by birth. All noises end as she passes and objects appeared as tamed cats.
"Ima" interrogates vision as the crux of human experience through two characters, Madhavan 56 who cant live without heavy lensed glasses and Radha, his wife who internalized blindness. Intense sense of intimacy of two insulated entities beyond senses is the quintessence of this project. It envisages a mysterious journey into inner reality of human self, environment and existence. The central character gradually and rhythmically recognizes the turbulence of a world in blackened white.
This work attempts to explore the crisis of vision and inner vision through an experiment with visual language by foregrounding the trauma of living in black and white.. The language of visuals and the visuality of objects are unwound through radical explorations of the microcosm of human body.he story of my eyes" is a different generation story, which is told by an extremely sensitive boy's eyes. He kindly invites us to reflect on the values of our society. Indeed, nowadays it appears less and less sensitive to the theme of solidarity, the weakest people and our neighbours, because it is more and more chaotic .

Director: Liju Krishna is a young theatre person and Indie film director based in Thrissur, currently working as an associate director in Malayalam Movie Industry .He holds a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts from School of Drama and Fine Arts (Calicut University)with specialization in Acting, besides a Diploma in Design & Digital film making from Image College of Arts, Chennai affiliated to University of Wales, London.

He had received the Young Artist Award 2011 – 2012 (Scholarship for Young Artist) from the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. His short film, ‘Photogenic’ had received many Awards at National Short Film and Documentary Festivals, (2013).
He has worked in around 80 plays so far as an actor, set and property designer, costume designer and in make-up. He has associated with the International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK) working as part of the technical crew. He has also performed at various theatre festivals including BRM, ITFoK, and PRD Theatre Festival etc. He has also been a part of International Collaborative Projects including the Indo-Spanish Project Lila, (2010), Indo-Chilean Project organized by Sadhana Centre for Creative Practice (2011) and Indo-American Collaborative Project (2013). Some of his works include costume design for Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party, stage design for Kaikumbilil Vellam, actor and make up in Chuvarottikal, actor in The Glass Menagerie.
Currently he is the Artistic Director of Saga Entertainments, Thrissur, which was founded by him in 2013.