Watch our delectable selection of Award Winning Short Films curated from over 467 Submissions this year.

Letters from Deuta
Director: Arunjit Borah
Run Time:17:04
Moongfali Wala
Director; Etienne Sievers
Run Time: 18:54
5 O'Clock Shadow
Director: Sangeeta Agrawal
Run Time:07:14
The Care Giver
Director: Ruthy Pribar
Run Time: 11:51
Torn Pages
Director: Vick Krishna
Run Time:06:44
This Is When We First Met
Director: Abhiroop Basu
Run Time:11:49
The Little GodFather
Director: Narender Kumar Aasde
Run Time:15:07
Clash Of Morality
Director: Vinay Pujara
Run Time: 17:10
All I Want
Director: Venika Mitra
Run Time: 7:24
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Director: Liju VV
Run Time: 10:00
Director: Rima Amarapurkar
Run Time: 12:00
Word Play
Director: Darren Portilla
Runtime: 4:32
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Director: Rima Amarapurkar Run Time: 12:00